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Don Juravin saved my life. His invention saved thousands of lives. He is admired in the world along with the greatest of the inventors. What do Jeff Bezos, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Donald Trump, and Don Karl Juravin have in common? Don Juravin saved my life They are all American businessmen who have been sued by theFederal Trade Commission.

Juravin: The inventor of the Gastric Bypass Alternative was sued by the FTC in 2018 because his product was found to be in violation of FTC standards. Don juravin saves lives Juravin may not be as well known as the others, but he is still an American businessman who has the people’s best interests at heart. The FTC told him that he was “delusional.” In Israel, when someone looks at a 5% chance of success and a 95% chance of failure, there are two paths he can take. One of them is a practical one: 95% failure. The other is the “delusional” one: 5% success. Juravin always took the “delusional” path.

Don Karl juravin His product, the Gastric Bypass Alternative, was meant to help save people from invasive surgery. Juravin merely wanted to help people. The FTC wanted the Gastric Bypass Alternative to have clinical testing. The problem with that was that the product was meant for people who saved up their money and were motivated to finish the program. Clinical testing offers money to patients to try the product. Someone who is paid is less likely to follow the steps than someone who pays. A clinical would not have worked. The court did not want to understand Juravin but rather treated his product as a drug instead of a supplement. Either the court was wrong, or Juravin did not explain himself properly, or the FTC has too much power.


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